Dell (and HP) Join OpenStack Parade to the Enterprise…

(and HP)


Update:  HP also announced support for OpenStack on its corporate blog.  And the beat goes on…


The OpenStack Parade is getting bigger and bigger. As predicted, enterprise vendors are starting to announce efforts to make OpenStack “Enterprise Ready.”  Today Dell announced their support for OpenStack through their launch of the “Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution.”  This is a bundle of hardware, OpenStack, a Dell-created OpenStack installer (“Crowbar”), and services from Dell and Rackspace Cloud Builders.

Dell joins Citrix as a “big” vendor supporting OpenStack to their customers.  Startups such as Piston are also targeting the OpenStack space, with a focus on the enterprise.

Just one year old, the OpenStack movement is a real long-term competitor to VMware’s hegemoy in the cloud. I fully expect to see IBM, HP and other vendors jumping into the OpenStack Parade in the not too distant future.

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  1. Dell SecureWorks provides firewall management and monitoring services as n part of a full suite of security services including Intrusion

  2. John, I love your real-time editing of the post to include HP! I think we’ll look back and recognize the Diablo release of OpenStack as its true birth. We’re only seeing the parade of requests for OpenStack support in RightScale get bigger and bigger as well. With the firepower that is being put behind the cloud, it would be foolish to bet against it.

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