Once Upon a Cloud

Here is a little story I tweeted last night

ONCE Upon a Cloud, there was a big river that ran wide and deep. And it was called Amazon.com

And this great river Amazon grew fast upon great Infrastructure that it built, so that it was a marvel to behold in all the land.

And the Mighty Amazon said to the People “I will share my great Infrastructure with you because you are worthy.”

And the People rejoiced to have such Infra Structure to use, and they showered praise and gold on Mighty Amazon.

Such praise and gold did Mighty Amazon receive that other providers of Infra Structure saw this and were jealous.

Much gnashing of teeth and pounding of fists did these Titans of Tech Knowledge do that the Earth shook.

Did Might Amazon quake with fear? Nay! Instead they said to the people, “You like? We make more.” And the People rejoiced.

Many of these Titans came to understand the truth, and they were scared. Then they all fought back.

Some Titans fought well, with sharp blades and strong battle formations such that they began to advance into this thing called Cloud

Other Titans, however, lacked such weapons or strategies, and convened great gatherings of their leaders to think on this new Cloud.

The wise old leaders of these Titans, never having seen a Cloud up close, drew cloud pictures on their cave walls.

These pictures the Titans drew looked cloudy from a distance, but to those who had used the Amazon Infra Structure it was not cloud.

Then these Titans said to the people, “Behold, I give you Cloud!” But the people did not rejoice. Instead, they said…

“We want a cloud like a thoroughbred but you have given us a mule instead.” You see, the Titans had committees, not vision.

The Titans, though not all, had succumbed to the Great Clayton’s “innovator’s dilemma.” T’was not too late, for the Cloud was young.

Would these Titans learn? Some would, for sure. Others, predictably, would not. As with all such stories, there is a moral.

If you want to compete with Mighty Amazon, you must listen to the People, for they are the Cloud. Blind Old Gartner cannot help you.

Gartner are not the People. They do not use the Infra Structure. Nor do the Titan’s wise old men. Look to the People. And listen.

Only then will you see the path. Only the People can show you the Cloud. Open your ears, Titans, for the People are speaking.

The End.

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