Skytap Goes Deep in Networks

Skytap is known as a cloud dev/test provider today, but they have been seeing more workloads coming on-board including ERP migration, training, demos, etc.  So perhaps they are not as targeted as we think.  This can be a risk, where customers start to wonder what you stand for.  Skytap entered in the dev/test market, and they did not have a grand plan to expand from this.  It’s being driven by customers. So,

Today they are announcing “multi-network” capabilities to enable multi-level network topologies to be as flexible as your on-premise networks.  Only it’s a lot easier – you can deploy this in a browser.  It even allows you to save configurations and check them in and out of the Skytop repository.  This is their “virtual private cloud” capability.  This goes significantly beyond the current Amazon VPC solution with much more flexibility and configurability.  It’s a lot less work to set this up than with Amazon VPC, which basically assumes that a developer is part of the network team. 



Skytap is basically claiming the ability to enable the kinds of networks shown above.  This is a nice differentiator and makes it easier for enterprises to move multiple complex workloads, like SAP and other multi-tier applications, to a cloud.

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  1. I'm an intern at Cloudshare, and I'd like to know more about how this capability is a differentiator given the fact that Cloudshare has had this capability for just over a year, and is also equipped with a more robust GUI. If you'd like to compare the two, the demo is readily available at Cloudshare's website.

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