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As a general rule, I am happy to count as a cloud computing company.  They really made the SaaS market what it is today, and their platform-as-a-service was a great innovation.  They are not an infrastructure cloud provider like Amazon, Rackspace or others, but okay – they’re a cloud company.

However, when I see their current marketing and branding it makes me want to chuckle.  Instead of Salesforce, Successforce, and, they now market Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Custom Cloud.  They already had the cloud creds, but by trying so hard it makes them look a bit silly.  I wonder if this rebranding is hurting or helping their sales numbers…


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  1. They've been pushing the “cloud” image for years and it has only help them. We are working with brick and mortar / manufacturing companies now trying to get into the cloud because of the promise of cheaper and more reliable elastic resources. You know you've done it right when you sway that more traditional group.

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