CloudCamp Boston

Whew!  The last few days have been very busy, but totally fun.  Last night we kicked off the first CloudCamp event for the Greater Boston area at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge.  If you have not been to this facility, you should check it out.  Microsft is being very generous with this for technology events in the community.

There were well over 300 people registered for the event, and about half showed on a hot evening in the middle of the Summer.  Thanks again to all of our sponsors, especially Microsoft for their facility and Iron Mountain for stepping up to a platinum sponsorship.

We’re going to post presentations and videos at the CloudCamp Boston page shortly.  In the meantime, there was a nice write-up of CloudCamp on CNET by Gordon Haff.  Rosalyn Metz of Wheaton College also put up a nice post.  If you wrote up CloudCamp Boston – please add a link to the comments below and I’ll update this post.

One note about CloudCamps, and this is important.  We are catering to a vary diverse set of knowledge levels and comfort with the content.  The goal for this CloudCamp was to get some of the basics out there in a community that is largely new to Cloud Computing.  The unConference breakouts are great for deep diving in a particular area.  Even so, any criticism about too much basic stuff up front is totally fair and we hear you.  Our next CloudCamp is likely to occur later in the Fall and we promise to get into more meaty topics early in the event and allocate more time to the unConference part.

Here is the keynote slide deck that Judith Hurtiz and I delivered at the top of the session.  We’ll get the video of this up on the main CloudCamp site shortly.

Thank you to all who attended!


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