Enterprise Cloud Summit #ECS #Interop Live Blog

Seeing demo now of SOASTA CloudTest seening load test stats for the sample app that they have been working with at the conference.

Panel led by Greg Ness from InfoBlox coming next…  Panelists include Bill McGee from Third Brigade, Geva Perry of Thinking Out Cloud, and Randy Rowland of Terremark.  Starting with “What types of cloud architectures are there and are they all alike?”  Now people are recapping stuff from this morning.  

Lots of vaporware and “vision lock-in” trying to get customers to hold-off.  Geva commenting about billing options for RackSpace or Terremark vs. Amazon (AWS only bills via ccard vs. others who will invoice IT).

“What are critical cloud dependencies… where things could go wrong?”

Geva – lots already discussed by James Statten etc.    Think carefully about who will become hub of ecosystems.  Amazon is there now.  Think iPhone ecosytem effect.

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