Forrester Advises Caution – Vendor Opportunity?

cloudsecurity1In a new report, “How secure is your cloud?,” Forrester Research analyst Chenxi Wang cautions IT to fully evaluate security issues before moving to cloud deployment models. I won’t recap the article here, but it goes over some fairly obvious information about the security implications of any new computing architecture.

There are several vendors with security offerings for cloud computing, and the Cloud Security Alliance has published an excellent Guidelines document to help IT managers make the right moves.  Also, here is an excellent video of BT Global Services CTO Bruce Schneier facing off against Tenable Network Security CTO Marcus Ranum.

The more security remains a barrier to adoption for cloud companies (IDC puts security as the #1 inhibitor), more opportunites will be created for existing and new security vendors to bring solutions to plug the gaps and make IT more confident in the cloud.

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