Symform Launches Distributed Cloud Storage for the Enterprise

Symform, a Seatle company focused on cloud-based storage for the enterprise, has just taken $1.5m of venture financing according to Xconomy. The basic premise is that your data is stored on my computers, and mine on yours. Or more precisely, a very small portion of my data, super-encrypted, resides on the servers of many other customers. It’s redundant, secure and “in the cloud.” Now you get to hear a familiar refrain of many entrepreneurial types… I had this idea over two years ago. I even tried to get some of my totally smart ex-colleagues from ODI to join me (this is a big-brain storage-oriented thing, after all). My concept has several differences, but the core idea of a cooperative shared storage cloud was there. Kudos to Symform for getting it done!

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  1. Oh! I had this idea this afternoon too. So late. I searched onu00a0Googleu00a0and get here. Thanks for the information. Do u know if there is any Cloud Storage applications already in use with such a decentralizedu00a0architecture?

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