Micro Instances Do Not a Web Host Make

Amazon's announcement of Micro Instances this week ist great news for web sites who need a lower-capacity intense type for simple operations or low-volume processes. Some people have equated Micro Instances with a VPS model, or specifically as competition to traditional mass market web hosts. A small instances is not an offering that replaces a... Continue Reading →

Amazon Named “CloudBzz Innovator of the Year”

2009 has certainly been a cloudy year.  The sheer volume of real innovation somehow makes all of the hype worthwhile. While there were many companies doing interesting and innovative things in the cloud - Microsoft Windows Azure could be a strong 2010 contender - the decision on who wins for 2009 is no contest. Amazon... Continue Reading →

Deep Data from InfiBase

Update: InfiBase has ceased operations, but the analyses they are providing may continue.  Stay tuned. A stealth start-up called InfiBase has published some very interesting data on their blog recently. It makes me want to know more about them, so if you have the scoop let me know. First, they have put out two posts... Continue Reading →

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